March 2010 Sale!

If you have received this email, it is because you are part of our Innova client database. We’re contacting you now as we draw the curtains aside on our new online web store. (If you don’t appreciate hearing from us, please unsubscribe and we’ll remove you from this list right away!)

We’re asking our customers to share their photos, stories and videos of people enjoying their Innova inflatable boats. We’ve started a “Travel Gallery” section on our site which will eventually include all the stories, photos, audios and videos that we have received to date – with the additions of those we hope that you will send to us now.

And while we realize that every story, photo, audio, and video is precious in its own way, we’re offering an award for the one that would be precious to us and our customers. So send them in and you might just win an AquaBound MantaRay, 4-piece, carbon-shaft paddle – at least one of you will win it :-)

It’s been a long winter. Or maybe it’s just that we’re at the tail end of winter that makes it seem so long. Spring invites us in with scented flowers. But still, I find myself longing for warmer, sunnier days, of the type that inspire me to take to the sea where I am able to embrace it with the rhythm of my paddle.

Ouch! My daydream fades away and here I am in the cool Northwest. I calculate my vacation days and wonder if I can manage to take a week of my life back, and head for a warmer destination. I check the weather reports. Greece is sunny but in the 60s…too cold. Key West is in the 70s. Here we are. Puerto Vallarta is in the 80s.

I remember traveling to Yelapa, Mexico…it wasn’t too many years ago. My friend rented a cottage in Yelapa and invited me to join him. We packed a few essential beach things and he brought along his Helios II which easily made it through customs.

Once in Puerto Vallarta I was sure we had arrived. However, the journey had only just begun. We boarded a small water taxi at the “Beach of the Dead” and rode it for what seemed like hours through vigorous seas. Our final leg of the journey was by horse. The cottage was beautiful and remote, and within walking distance of the sea. The gentle heat penetrated my winter skin. I surrendered.

Ever-present, waves danced on the shore. We walked to the beach where we silently inflated our boat and paddled into the blue. That afternoon I was touched by sunshine, water, and deeply relaxing thoughts.

OK. I’m ready to go. What airline? How much? Where can I get an inflatable boat? And that’s what this SALE is all about. It’s to celebrate the fact that winter is finally over, but summer is not here yet. And we’d rather be paddling. If you’ve received this email, we’re offering you the following boats at 20% off – through March 31, 2010: Seaker, K1, K2, Traveller, Helios I, Helios II, and Solar. Just click on the links to get your boat at 20% off by March 31st.

Kayak/Canoe Shows
We just returned from Canoecopia. If you’re a mid-westerner, this is not a Kayak/Canoe show to miss. It’s been going on since 1976, and has grown to over 20,000 annual attendees! The ground is still hard in Wisconsin when folks are dreaming about kayaking and canoeing. The six speaker rooms spill over into the hallways – while speakers vary their topics, their quality is consistently amazing.. One fun offbeat event is the Aluminum Chef Competition in which chefs pit their culinary skills against each other usng outdoor stoves, cook kits, and the type of ingredients you would likely take on your next camping trip.

What’s New?

New Fabric for Helios and Sunny – In 2010 we will have the Helios I and II and the Sunny models available in fully-coated, all-Nitrylon construction. The factory has shifted over from making these kayaks with a LitePack interior. The Nitrylon boats are faster drying and more stain resistant than the LitePack models. Interestingly, the reason for the factory switch was the fussiness of building the complex models with LitePack. If they spilled a drop of glue on the LitePack, it could not be wiped off like it could on the rubber-coated fabric, and the boat would be blemished. We are happy for the change, but still will have some LitePack Helios models available for those who prefer the lighter weight and feel of this material.

New Tracking Fin – The Sunny, Safari, and Twist models will now come with a nylon one-piece tracking fin. The new shark fin shaped skeg is corrosion proof and much quicker to put on/take off with no screws to lose.

New Valves – The factory will be using an upgraded main valve on the 2010 models. This valve will have an improved cap that will be easier to finger-twist on.

New Twist Look – We introduced this 16-pound, backpackable kayak last year. For 2010 we will be getting in a few units in a camo print, in addition to the yellow/gray combo.